Tanzania Burka & Selian Estate Natural

Blackcurrant, soft stone fruits, chocolate, almond, prune
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Bag Weight 60 KG BAG
Harvest Season 2022/23
Status Spot
Lot Number P8001949-1
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About This Coffee

Burka Coffee Estate was founded in 1899 by German settlers just outside the town of Arusha in Northern Tanzania. The neighbouring Selian Estate was established in 1910 and acquired by Burka in 1991. The first coffee trees were planted in 1918 and now number some 1.3 million mostly shade-grown varietals. 314 acres are reserved for forests and a further 250 acres to natural grasslands. There are around 200 permanent staff at Burka, a further 200 casual daily staff and up to 5,000 temporary staff involved in the picking and sorting at the height of harvest season. All permanent staff are provided with housing on the Estates with salary set at least 20% above minimum government requirements.

Staff have social security and Labour Union membership included in their contracts, and an Estate credit union also offer loans and advice for education, health and house construction. Each estate has its own nursery which educates over 100 children, and two primary schools also cater for over 600 children, from the Estate workers and the neighbouring communities. An onsite health centre with Estate nurse and dispensary is available for all staff, and the Estate has its own ambulance, along with shops, sport facilities and churches and a mosque. Regular inter-Estate and inter-camp football & netball matches occur, along with staff BBQ’s and other holiday celebrations. Workers are supplied with free firewood from stumped coffee trees, fruit & nut trees are grown around the staff villages.

The staff at Burka have a combined wealth of agronomic experience and over the course of many decades the estates have built a reputation for consistent production of fine arabica coffees characterised by mild acidity with flavours of lemon, chocolate & caramel.

Origin Tanzania
Subregion Arusha
Harvest Season 2022/23
Producer Type Single Estate
Farm Name Burka and Selian Estates
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Growing Altitude 1350m - 1500m
Plant Species Arabica
Variety Blue Mountain, Kent, KP423, N39, Red Bourbon
Coffee Grade TZA CA NAT MB AB
Screen Size 14 Up
Bag Weight 60 KG BAG
Bag Types Grain Pro / Ecotact


Dedicated conservationists sit on the Burka Estates board to uphold the legacy of the estates and ecology of the local biome. From the maintenance of Burka Forest and the restoration of Burka Hill, Burka Estate is faithful to its ecological roots.

One of the last and certainly the largest indigenous forests in Arusha, Burka Forest holds the natural spring which first gave Burka its name over 100 years ago. The preservation of these forests has led to a dramatic increase in the diversity and wealth of wildlife in this area. Everything from Dik Diks, to the Madagascar Squacco Heron, to Velvet monkeys, to the last baboon colony in the area; enjoys the protection of Burka’s strict conservation policies, along with over 120 species of bird, attracted by the local flora and natural grassland and forest areas. The Estate trains dedicated wildlife wardens to protect and conserve this wildlife.

The Process

Ripe cherries delivered to mill within 6 hours of picking, where cherries are graded, sorted, and then fed through a Pinhalense de-mucilage machine, before being placed into soaking tanks. Mondul has a natural spring which supplies the wet mill, which is then recirculated before disposal into seepage pits. Waste cherry pulp is mixed with worms to produce organic fertiliser, which is then re-used on the estates.

Parchment is then sorted and thoroughly rinsed in washing channels, and placed onto raised African drying tables. The drying period generally lasts for up to 7 days, until moisture level reaches 12% or lower, with regular turning, particularly in the first 48 hours to ensure even rates of drying. Parchment is transported to Moshi for milling and bagging, and then to Dar Es Salaam for export.

Burka has its own cupping lab on site, and samples of each day’s lot from Mondul are cupped and assessed for quality.

  • Subregion Arusha
  • Farm Name Burka and Selian Estates
  • Producer Type Single Estate
  • Processing Natural/Dry Processed
  • Bag Types Grain Pro / Ecotact
  • Plant Species Arabica
  • Variety Blue Mountain, Kent, KP423, N39, Red Bourbon
  • Min Growing Altitude 1350m
  • Max Growing Altitude 1500m
  • Screen Size 14 Up
  • On Sale No
  • Top Lot No
  • Price Per Kg £8.75
  • Status Spot
  • Coffee Grade TZA CA NAT MB AB
  • CTRM Contract Number P8001949-1
  • Origin Tanzania
  • Warehouse Vollers Group Uk