El Salvador Santa Leticia Bourbon Natural

Citrus, chocolate, blackcurrant candy, toffee, apple
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Bag Weight 69 KG BAG
Harvest Season 2022/23
Status Spot
Lot Number P8002108-2
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About This Coffee

In 1865, Ricardo's family inherited the land which is now Finca Santa Leticia.  As a young man Ricardo studied in New York and then enlisted in the army. When he came back to El Salvador he fell in love with coffee and has dedicated his life to producing specialty Bourbon and Pacamara. While working in the farm in 1964, he discovered an Archeaological site that dates to 600 B.C. and includes a multitude of indigenous artefacts which have been carefully excavated and preserved. Santa Leticia is sorrounded by such beautiful views of volcanoes, that he decided to expand into agro-tourism, and decided to build and run a boutique hotel wich is right in the middle of the farm. Since then Apaneca has transformed and become a centre of agro-tourism.

Notable landmarks in the region include the beautiful town of Concepción de Ataco and ‘El Imposible’ national park in the Apaneca llamatepec mountain range.

Origin El Salvador
Subregion Apaneca
Harvest Season 2022/23
Producer Type Single Estate
Farm Name Finca Santa Leticia
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Growing Altitude 1350m - 1750m
Plant Species Arabica
Variety Bourbon
Coffee Grade SLV CA WA MIC
Screen Size 15 Up
Bag Weight 69 KG BAG
Bag Types Grain Pro / Ecotact

The Art of Production

Santa Leticia is located in a beautiful valley, at an altitude that ranges from 1,200 to 1,750masl. It is sorrounded by colourful towns, that form part of the Ilamatepeque mountain chain, wich is considered to be one of the countrys best area for ciltivating coffee.

This lot was naturally processed. Selectively handpicked cherries are floated to sort by density, then the prime cherries are dried on a combination of patio and raised bed for an average of 20 days. 

History of Coffee in El Salvador

Coffee was first introduced to El Salvador from the Caribbean as a garden crop in the mid-18th century but did not gain a commercial production foothold until 1850’s because indigo, easier to grow and more profitable, was king. Coffee was first exported—695 bags—in 1856 and the government began to encourage coffee farming. Exponential growth coincided with the development of synthetic indigo near the end of the century. At one time, El Salvador was one of the largest producers of commercial coffees. Today, with a focus on quality over quantity, 70% of coffee from El Salvador sells for a premium above commodity prices.

  • Subregion Apaneca
  • Farm Name Finca Santa Leticia
  • Producer Type Single Estate
  • Processing Natural/Dry Processed
  • Bag Types Grain Pro / Ecotact
  • Plant Species Arabica
  • Variety Bourbon
  • Min Growing Altitude 1350m
  • Max Growing Altitude 1750m
  • Screen Size 15 Up
  • On Sale No
  • Top Lot Yes
  • Price Per Kg £9.25
  • Status Spot
  • Coffee Grade SLV CA WA MIC
  • CTRM Contract Number P8002108-2
  • Origin El Salvador
  • Warehouse Vollers Group Uk