Colombia Dulima

Colombia Dulima

The area around Tolima is the largest paramo on earth. Paramo are known for dramatic fluctuations in temperature, from below freezing at night to nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, described as summer every day and winter every night. These fluctuations–at lower altitudes where they are not so dramatic–are great for growing coffee. Despite these conditions, people have lived on the paramo for thousands of years. The Pijaos people were native to the region now known as Tolima long before the Spanish arrived. They fought hard against the invaders and when they finally retreated they moved into the highlands around Nevado del Tolima, the volcano they called Dulima, meaning Snow Queen, and a name that also serves synonymously as identification of their homeland. Olam’s Colombian Dulima is named for the spirit of the Pijaos people and their Snow Queen who, unbeknownst to them, created a superior environment for growing coffee..
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  2. Chocolate, red fruits and citrus with a heavy body.
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